The HodesH Gallery

The HodesH Gallery is an unusual business that offers posters, industrial art, mid-century modern furniture and lighting, sculpture and ephemera of all types. The evolution of The HodesH Gallery has followed my growing interest in these areas over time.

The first collection of ephemera that I purchased was a collection of calendar art from the Osborne Kemper Thomas Company, the first calendar company to sell advertising on a calendar. I obtained 30 journals from the company offices, in addition to 15 salesman suitcases, which included salesman brochures, sample calendars and other sample items.

The group included works by Alberto Vargas, Norman Rockwell, Thomas and Percy Moran, Henri Farny, Frank Sticks, Billy Devores, Art Fram, and R.A. Fox. The subject matter was varied, including pinups, patriotic and war themes, home life, children, wildlife, hunting and fishing, the Rocky Mountains, and other product specific advertising. This find really put me into business.

During this early period, I was operating a parking garage, but I had free time to pursue my interest in graphics. I began attending antique shows, antique advertising shows and outdoor antique markets. Between 1978 and 1992 my pursuit of graphic material and ephemera of all types became more vigorous. In 1992, the parking garage was sold to make way for urban renewal. It was at this time that my part-time home business and passion became a full-time profession. A walk-in retail store and an affordable framing service logically followed. Gradually, my interests and inventory expanded, incorporating new items which worked well with the graphic stock I was selling.

In 1978, I started attending the Brimfield, Massachusetts antiques show, where I found my second great collection, almost 100 1890s American Fair Posters. In the years that followed, I discovered a European Travel Poster collection from the 1930s. This collection included my first world market prize poster, Normandie by Cassandre. I also discovered two great collections in California, one of American Midway Posters and another 1930s European Travel Posters. The latter collection included, believe it or not, another Normandie by Cassandre. Outside of the realm of posters, I discovered a very large collection of flat bed printing plates. These have made a wonderful addition to my small world of graphics. I have rounded out my presence with the acquisition of industrial, mid-century modern, eclectic and ephemera items.

I have been fortunate enough to be recognized over time. I had the great opportunity to provide much of decor for the corporate offices of Burke Marketing, a nationally known and well respected marketing research firm. The same firm requested that I provide the decor for their corporate box at Paul Brown Stadium. I have had the great honor to hold a private show at the French Embassy in Washington. I have been featured in several national magazines and numerous times in local publications like the Cincinnati Enquirer and iRhine Magazine.

Michael Hodesh